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THC - Toronto Hemp Company - Online Head Shop & Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store

Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies, Glass!!! - Cannabis Superstore! Est. 1994!
WE ARE OPEN - from 1130am to 7pm - FOR ONLINE SHOPPING INCLUDING CURB-SIDE PICKUP (aka "In-Store Pickup") AND NOW FOR LIGHT AND LIMITED IN-STORE SHOPPING - Now that we are finally allowed to we are allowing a limited number of customers into the store at a time. We ask that you please try to wear a mask if visiting, make efficient use of our available hand sanitizer, maintain a minimum 2m physical distance from all others to the best of your ability, and that you not handle any products prior to their purchase, etc. We're figuring this craziness out as we go, so please bear with us!! 
Please SHOP ONLINE - www.torontohemp.com - Delivery To Your Door! (And Curb-Side Pickup) - Stay Safe!
We have been severely overwhelmed by the COVID-19 situation, its health & staffing implications, the many operational changes forced upon us, and the massive increases and changes more specifically to our order quantities, types & required procedures. We are doing our very best to catch up and give everyone the very best service that we can provide. We LOVE and hugely APPRECIATE our customers one and all! We hate to disappoint, so rather than shut down our website for orders while we work hard to clear the backlog, we will leave it up and available for you to place orders on BUT we must ask that you PLEASE ONLY DO SO WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THERE WILL BE A SUBSTANTIAL DELAY FOR SHIPPED ORDERS AND THAT WE CAN CURRENTLY ONLY ACCOMMODATE ORDERS THAT ARE UNCOMPLICATED (so please try to be SURE that you want exactly what you are ordering before you submit your order, and to not make ANY mistakes or otherwise require any changes to your order after it is placed – as much as is possible within reason). While we hustle to get caught up we will likely not be able to make changes or adjustments, nor will we likely be able to answer many phone calls, messages or emails for the next little while as we pour all of our efforts into ensuring that those who HAVE ordered are taken care of as best we can and we get rid of the backlog so that we can do better for you. Please do NOT make an order unless you are TOTALLY FINE with the current shipping delay: approximately only 24 hours for 'curbside pickup' but roughly 10 DAYS (to be on the safe side) FOR SHIPPING. PLEASE TRY NOT TO EMAIL AND CALL OVER AND OVER to ask things like ‘When will my order ship?’ and ‘Can I get an update?’ (the answer is ALWAYS ‘We are doing everything that we can do to get orders out as soon as we possibly can.’) PLEASE BE PATIENT AND KIND TO OUR STAFF – We are truly working extremely hard to get your orders out to you as quickly and correctly as we possibly can!
We do our best to prioritize 'Curb-Side Pickup / In-Store Pickup' orders BUT you MUST not come until you have received a 'Shipping Confirmation' email saying so! PLEASE Remain in your car (or Socially Distanced from all others by at least 2 meters on the sidewalk if you came without a car) except to knock/ring and show your ID at the door to let us know that you have arrived for your Curb-Side Delivery (please do not call on the phone, it's ringing literally non-stop). BE READY with your ID either at the door or in your car - all Curb-Side Pickups require ID (and payment card if applicable) verification.
Please NOTE: We sell ADULT products, and so we must generally ship with 18+ SIGNATURE REQUIRED for all shipments. IF YOU are unable to sign for a package then please don't order - we cannot change Canada Post. Also, if you are unable to go to the post office to pick up your parcel in case Canada Post requires that, then DO NOT ORDER. We cannot be responsible for your inability to use PPE and Social Distancing and pick up your own package, and we cannot be responsible for your additional postage cost if you refuse to pick up something that you ordered - Canada Post charges us to ship to you AND to ship back to us if you refuse a package, so any refund for such a refused package will have those TWO shipping charges deducted (whether you got 'free shipping' or not) - it is NOT our responsibility nor our job to ensure that you can receive your shipment from Canada Post!
Quick-Link and Click-to-call Contact and Location Details:

History Page - WebSales FAQ - Gallery Page - THC Store BLOG

Call THC: 416-920-1980 - (new phone system with info and options including your choice of direct extensions)
Call THC TOLL FREE1-833-245-4367 (1-833-245-HEMP)
Fax THC: 647-689-4622
Visit THC's Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/torontohempco
Visit THC's Twitter Feed: www.twitter.com/torontohempco
Visit THC's Instagram: www.instagram.com/torontohempco
Location: 665 Yonge Street Toronto (just south of Bloor Street) (Toronto Ontario M4Y1Z9 Canada)
Call Vapor Central Lounge: 416-923-3556
General inquiry email: store@torontohemp.com
Owner/Management/"Corporate" email: management@torontohemp.com 

Sunday 12 to at least 8, Monday to Saturday 11 to at least 9. (See Above for TEMPORARY PANDEMIC HOURS)

PLEASE NOTE: We may have to close for certain holidays (generally we open every single day except for Christmas Day December 25, and New Year's Day January 1, but close early on other holidays, usually around 6pm), and we have extended hours when necessary in the summer and Christmas shopping seasons. 

Exterior of THC Toronto Hemp Company Hempco and VC Vapor Central Vape Club Vapourizer Lounge Wide Shot Photo - THC Toronto Hemp Company Smoke Shop Head Shops Hemp Store Cannabis Culture Superstore Marijuana Marihuana Weed Bong Vape Vaporizers Vapourizers Gardening Growing Hydroponics Organic Glass Gallery

PARKING: The most convenient place to park to visit THC (and/or Vapor Central) is just around the corner from us on Charles Street - Green P Parking Lot "Carpark 1" - a 5-storey municipal (so relatively reasonably-priced - $2.50/half-hour, $14 daily) garage with 641 spaces. More details: https://parking.greenp.com/carpark/1_20-charles-street-east/ Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/uNRYKL3WwCoovc589

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Our affiliated vapor lounge, Vapor Central, is right next door - www.vaporcentral.com - Toronto Vaporizer Store / Vape Shop
And our affiliated exotic seed and plant shop, Sacred Seed, is a couple blocks south of THC - www.sacredseed.com


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Toronto Hemp Company (THC) is perhaps the world's largest and greatest cannabis culture / hemp / pot / bong / vaporizer / head shop! Established in 1994 and located in the heart of downtown Toronto, THC is a "hemp shop" or "head shop" or "smoke shop" or "cannabis / marijuana / hemp culture store" - a retail store and resource center providing high quality hemp and related products and information. Our MASSIVE 7500 square-foot Toronto Hemp Company (THC) Cannabis Superstore is located at 665 Yonge Street, just south of the intersection of Yonge & Bloor. Our phone number is still 416-920-1980. THC's freshly renovated store consists of three newly-reconfigured floors - Ground Floor Hemp Products (hemp fabric, hemp rope and twine, hemp foods, hemp seed, hemp paper, hemp cosmetics, hemp clothing, etc.) AND more accessible than ever Smoking Accessories / Bong Shop (pipes, bongs / waterpipes, vaporizers, rolling papers, blunts, grinders, etc.), Downstairs Garden Supply (indoor and outdoor, hydroponic and organic, specializing in medical cannabis growing), and now Upstairs is ALL ABOUT GLASS (glassblowing, glass art, glass pipes, glass bongs, hookahs, oil rigs, ROOR, Illadelph, Sheldon Black, fresh high-end glass - see our Facebook Page & Twitter Feed for new product/artist updates)! This is truly an incredible space, the king of head shops in Toronto, an internationally valued destination store and tourist attraction, come check it out! 

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THC is a retail store & resource centre dedicated to an incredibly beneficial and mistreated plant and culture. Provider of high quality hemp and related products and information, we are located right in the heart of downtown T.O. Kind, fair, loyal, honest and respectful service since 1994. 

We operate with an "only the best..." philosophy; our products are generally of higher quality than those available elsewhere and we'd far prefer to sell something that our customer will really enjoy than something that we make more money on. 

At the same time, you'll find our prices to be at least as good as, or better than, those of everyone else in our industry. We will match or beat any advertised price and will gladly exchange any unused or defective product. 

We strive to provide our customers with kind, quality service, and a wealth of (free) information about cannabis, protecting our environment, mind-altering/medicinal substances, the laws, local parties and events and other relevant stuff.

For pictures of the store and lots of photos and video, follow this link to our Gallery page.
For more of our story, follow this link to our History page. 
For Q&A and details about websales, shipping, etc. please follow this link to our Websales Frequently Asked Questions page. 
For Q&A about THC and Cannabis in general, please follow this link to our general Frequently Asked Questions page. 

What is hemp? - click here to learn more about this amazing plant! 

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. We accept these payment methods (and Interac E-Transfer):