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THC Toronto Hemp Company
Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies, Glass Gallery!
Welcome to THC's website and online shop! You'll find here a wealth of useful information and a relatively small (while admittedly now massive) selection from the enormous range of products available at the truly world-renowned Cannabis Superstore known as THC - our 3-storey, 7500-square-foot Toronto Hemp Company "Head Shop" (Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies & Glass Gallery PLUS Vapor Central - Toronto's original and leading Vaporizer / Vape / Vapour Store and Lounge). Established in 1994 and still growing strong, THC is here for you! This site is intended as a source of information and the highest quality products (at the best possible prices) for all who seek them, but  especially for people who don't otherwise have easy access to our kinds of wonderful products near you. We strive to provide an excellent (and money-saving) online shopping experience here at - don't hesitate to let us know (through contact info just below) how we can help with your purchase - or you can always drop into the 'brick-and-mortar' THC store in downtown Toronto after/while using this site as a basic guide. Don't forget, the product listing here truly is a drop in the bucket compared to what we actually have available in-store!

3 Floors of Cannabis Culture Super-Store goodness for your enjoyment:
Main Floor: Smoke Shop - Incense, Hemp Products, T-shirts, Stickers, Hookah, Vape, Scales, Storage, Rolling Papers and Supplies - and all sorts of other herb related products!
Top Floor: Glass - Waterpipes (Bongs), Dab / Concentrate Rigs, Nails and Supplies, and every glass and glass-related accessory imaginable. Whether your first rig or a bong from $10 to $10,000 - we got you!
Bottom Floor: Garden Supply - From tents and lights to soil and extraction equipment, everything for the urban gardener - with a focus on helping small medical-use gardeners get and keep their hobby garden running well and simply (we embrace K.I.S.S. - low prices and simple solutions from caring and knowledgeable staff for medicinal growers)

Quick-Link and Click-to-call Contact Details:
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Location: 665 Yonge Street Toronto (just south of Bloor Street)
Call THC: (416)920-1980
Call Vapor Central Lounge: (416)923-3556
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THC - Toronto Hemp Company - Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies, Glass Gallery!

Among Toronto Head Shops - in fact among Cannabis Culture related stores world-wide - THC (Toronto Hemp Company) is a true leader and unique pathfinder! Whether you call us the world's first and only Cannabis Culture Superstore or Supermarket, a Head Shop, a Hemp Shop, a Hemp Store, a Smoke Shop, Pipe Shop, Bong Shop, the THC Store, the Weed Shop, THC, the THC, the Hemp Company, Toronto Hempco, that big green herb shop on Yonge Street, the Vapor Club, the Vapour Lounge, the Toronto vaporizer store and lounge, Vape Central, the Cannabis Culture Store or whatever else... yeah, we're that place! And we're here to treat you kindly, provide you with what you need, and help you learn and grow! There might be other Head Shops in Toronto, but there's no other place in the world quite like THC! 

Your best source for: Vaporizers, Vape Tools, Books, Bongs, Hookahs, Pipes, Dugouts, Bats, Shotties, Poppers, Water Pipes, Glass Art, Heady Pieces, Incense, Rolling Papers, Herb Grinders, Rigs, Nails, Domes, Dabbers, Bags, Jars, Brushes, Scales, Drug Testing, Detox, Hemp Clothing, Hats, T-Shirts, Cosmetics, Food, Incense, Growing, Gardening, Torch, Domed Nails, Domeless Nails, Bowls, Stems, Stemless, Diffusers, Percs, Direct Injected, AshCatchers, Bubblers, Sherlocks, Beakers and Straight Tubes and Mini Tubes, Extraction Tubes and Bags, Vacuum Chambers, Nutrients, Lights, Mediums, Rockwool, Cloning, Rooting, Harvesting, Pumps, Fans, Charcoal / Carbon Filters, Pest Control, Pots, Trays, Humidity Domes, Testers, pH Meters, EC Pens, Organic, Grow Tents, LED Lights, HID High Intensity Discharge, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Bulbs, Fixtures, Reflectors, and SO MUCH MORE!
Some of our favorite brands and best-sellers: 4.0 by Eric Ross, 420 Science, Adapterrlman, Advanced Detox Solutions, Alex K, American Weigh Scales, Apex Glass, Arizer (Solo, Air, ExtremeQ), Aspire, Atmos, Bambu, Bee Line Hemp Wick, Best Value Vacs, Better Bat, BIO GlassBlazer Torches, BlueLab, Bob Marley, Botanicare, Boveda, Bubble Bags By Bubble Man, Buddies, BudderBlocks, BudderKing, Buddy, Build A Pen, Build-A-Bong, Burtoni, Cali Crusher, CAN Fans and Filters, Canna, Capn Crunk, CapsulCN, Capsule Machine, Carver B Glass, Cats Who Dab, CHEECH Glass, Chills, ChinaMan Glass, Clonex, Coco Nara, Colibri, Cookies, CoolSun, Coyle, CVault, Cycle Stickers, D-Nail, Dab Essentials, DabNflo, DabVac, DabWare, Dale Sommers, Dark Crystal Glass and Globstoppers, Dial-A-Speed, Diamond Glass, Dime Bags, DJ Short, DLX, Doctor Dr. Dabber, Doctor Dr. Popper, Dominizer, Doug Zolbert, Do You Dab, Dragonfly, Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF, Earthly Body, Ed'sTNT, eLeaf by iSmoka, Elbo, Electric City, Elements, Elevate Glass, Errlectric, ErrlyBird, ESplash, Essential Oiler, EVO-Dab, Exclusive eJuice, Evan Shore Bangarangs, Fafard, Firefly, Flava, Freeek, Fresh Headies, Fujima, Futo, Gaia Green, Garden Controls, G-Girl, GEAR, General Hydroponics GH, Ghost, Giros, Gizeh, Grassblower Glass, Grasshopper Vapes, GRAV Labs, Green Leaf, GreenEye, Grenco Science, Gro4, Grodan, Grotek, GrungeOff, GPen, Hanna, HBI, Headdies, Hemp Hoodlamb, Hempire, Hemplights, Hempola, Hemptique, Hempz, HerbalAire, Herbie's Twist, Herbies, HI Guy Glass, Highly Educated, HIP Papers, HiSi, HIVE Ceramics, HMK, Holiday, HomeBlownGlass, HoneyBee, HOSS Glass, Hydrofarm, I-Tal Hemp Wick, IBliss Vapor, IL Glass, Illadelph, Integra, Infyniti Glass and Scales, iRie Glass, Irie Papers, iTaste, Jack Puck Press, Jiffy, JMFlow Glass, Joe Peters, John Bead, JOP Glass, Journey Pipes, Juicy Jays, Kalika Glass, Kandy Pens, Kangertech, Kannastor, Kent Dale the Glass Peddler, Kevin Murray, Kind Glass, KIND LED, Kind Trays, KindScope, Klear, Knotty Boy, Korey Cotnam, KRZNSKI Glass, Kulu, Kush, Leisure Glass, LightEnerG, Lumigrow, MacQueen Pipes, Magic Flight Launch Box, Magical Butter Machine, Master Trimmer, Mean Skreenz, Medicali, Medtainer, Merry Hempsters, Method7, Miss Mary Jane Co., Mondi, Monkey Pipe, Mya Saray, MyWeigh, Nag Champa, Nail Mafia, Natural Insect Control, Nectar Collector, Nema Globe, Nish, Nitecore, No Bad Ideas, NoGoo NonStick, O.PenVape, Oakton, Oasis, OCB, OG Original Glass, OG Tips, Oil Slick, Omnis Hookahs, ONA, Orange Chronic, Ozium, Pakoh, Pax Labs, Pendora, Piecemaker, Planet Vape, Pouch, PowerSun, Prizm, ProMix, ProScale, Proto Pipe, Puff, PuffCo, Pulsar Glass, Pure Hemp, Puretane, Purple Power, PURR Glass, Pyrology Glass, QHeffner Glass, QNail, Quintessential TipsRandy's, RAW, Raydiator, Red Eye Glass, Reflectsun, Remo Nutrients, Resolution, Retro Glass, RHLV, Rising Sun, Rizla, Rollies, ROOR, ROORTech, Rooster Apparatus, RYOT, Safer's, Salt, Santa Cruz Shredder, Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, Secret Jardin, Sharpstone, Sheldon Black, Shine Glassworks, Shine 24k Gold Papers, Shire Pipes, Silika Glass, Skilletools, Skunk, Slinger, Smart Glass, SmellyProof, SMK, Smoke Odor Exterminator, Smoking Papers, SNIC, SoeX, Sokol, Source Vapes, Sovereignty Glass, Space Case, Spain, Spectrum King, StashLogix, STAT!, STOK ThisThingRips!, Stonerware, Storz&Bickel, StimRoot, Sublimator, Suicide Bunny, SunBlaster, Suncourt, Super Hit, SuperPro, Supreme, Swan, Sweetleaf, T-Rex Glass, Tanita, Taru, Tasty Puff, TDS, Tech Tubes, The Mill Pipes, The Rack, Three Kings, TightVac, Toro Glass, Toxic Teez, Trailer Park Boys, TrimBin, TrimPro, Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co., UTest, VapeCase, VapeTool, Vapium, Vapor Daddy, Vapor Genie, Vatra, Volcano, Wasa Glass, Whip-It, Wildberry Incense, Wilson, Wind Devil, Wiz Kalifa, Wulf Mods, Wyoming Mofo, Yocan Tech, ZEN, Zig Zag, ZOB Glass!

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